Buffer storage tanks, multifunctional tanks manufacturer

About us

Our company specializes in the production of storage buffer tanks, installation of boiler-rooms, automation of heating systems.
We have been working since the year 2001 and gain more and more experience as we collect statistic data from already mounted heating systems. It allows us to improve our production, observe condition of the equipment, assess efficiency.
All the experience that we have gained helped to select producers and suppliers of complementing equipment, so that we could guarantee optimal quality/cost ratio,
therefore we can offer efficient solutions that pay off quickly.

In 2007, we have started to produce storage buffer tanks. Three years of hard work led to quality production for competitive price.
We use materials which meet standards of the EU.
Cooperation with suppliers and customers helps us to enhance quality of the production as well as to expand assortment. Units that we produce and complement are consumer and environmentally friendly. All products and services are warrantied. We also offer maintenance after the warranty period expires.